Apart from mass propagation of Grand Naine variety, we are widening the spectrum by aiming on Desi banana on contractual basis. Our credentials are the proof of our decade long service to the mankind. In Devleela Biotechs, we always work hard to confirm the highest quality of saplings & that is the reason behind our entity in the Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

T.C. Banana saplings are available in following stages -

  1. Ex-agar condition
  2. Primary Hardened (Netpot Condition)
  3. Secondary Hardened (Giffypot)
  4. Secondary Hardened (Polybag Condition)


  1. Grand Naine
  2. Desi Banana


Apart from mass propagation of banana, we are widening the spectrum by producing bamboo. Devleela Biotechs, is propagating Thorn less Bamboo species by Tissue Culture Method. We have different species of bamboo which are non-flowering, non-thorny, high yielding, suitable for wide range of climate, light to heavy soil, excellent yield obtained under irrigated condition, ready for harvest in 3-4 years and an average yield of 10 culms / clump / year is obtained. Respond very well for fertiliser application.

  1. B. balcooa
  2. B. tulda
  3. B. nutans
  4. Devleela Smartn)